About Us

Kedi Is a Place Where Quality Healthy Life Style Is Our Concern

Our company Kedihealthproducts.com.ng is one of the distributor companies with kedi Industries limited.

The word KEDI is a Chinese language meaning "Science is unlimited" kedi healthcare is a Multi-level marketing company that commenced operation in Nigeria specifically on 10th June 2006. Kedi Healthcare Industries (Nig) Limited is a wholly-owned affiliate subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Hong-Kong Limited, located in Hong-Kong China.

Kedi Healthcare commits itself to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture worldwide, to introduce the quintessence of Chinese Medicine, and to contribute to the well-being of mankind which we are part of it.

All our products comply with the National Agency For Foods and Drugs (NAFDAC), The National (Nigerian) Regulatory Body that certifies the authenticity of Food and Drugs Products in Nigeria.

We pride ourselves as a dedicated group of experienced medical practitioners in various fields of medicine, and the company is anchored by a seasoned Medical Laboratory Scientist.
Our company is mainly tailored to marketing various healthcare products in various categories of Medicine like Men's Health, Women's Health, Mental Health, and General Health with the partnership of Kedi Industries Nig Limited being one of its distributors.

We also provide knowledge-based information in our blog which when read through boost quality knowledge about prevention and solution to health issues.
Our motto of "Healthcare Solutions For All" is achievable only if we can change our mindset to take preventive medicine more seriously than curative.

Our mission is to raise a platform where almost anyone conscious of living a life full of energy, vitality, disease, and stress-free life will be able to interact, acquire knowledge and if the need arises, they can purchase healthcare product from us that is not only effective but body friendly.

"Health is Wealth" The truth of this saying depends on you.

We have it as our principle that we market genuine, tested, and potent healthcare products that can stand the test of time, and money-back guaranteed is assured if the need arises.

Our joy is to make our customers happy after purchasing and using our quality healthcare products. The feedback from them also invigorates us to do more. But the ultimate joy is for you and me to live a fulfilled life.

Sony Eguabor

Health Consultant/Author

Francisca Azenabor


Chika Olushi

Health Consultant

Philemon Uwoh

Health Consultant