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Sony Eguabor

Health Consultant/Author

By God's grace, I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by profession. I finished from School of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria in the year 1981. I specialized in Haematology and Blood Group Serology with a special interest in all areas of diagnostic medicine.

Although I have worked as a medical laboratory scientist in both private and public sectors for so many years, my interest now as far as I can, is to propagate good and quality healthy living through educating people and providing a platform where they can purchase quality healthcare products if needs arise.

I have been trained and used to orthodox ways of medicare, not until I had an encounter with an organic supplement like KEDI HEALTH PRODUCTS.

My experience has shown and proved that both works depending on your choice of medication. This prompt me to promote kedi health products because of their efficacy, healing, and restoration power without side effects.

As an Evangelist by calling, I also spread the good news of Jesus Christ all over as my feet can take me. Also, I take pleasure in writing Christian books. The few ones I have written are Knowing God's Word; Benefits of Giving and Breaking the Yoke of Poverty is coming out soon.