VIP Massage Chair


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Here Are The Features of VIP Massage Chairs

  1. Adjustment Knob (To adjust neck/shoulder massage position)
  2. Armrest (L & R side)
  3. Backrest Angle Adjustment Lever Backrest
  4. Headrest
  5. Remote controller
  6. Sponge pad
  7. Seat Cushion.
  8. Bags for Calf (inside).
  9. Footrest

Product Benefits:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety at the same time increasing productivity and smartness
  • Helps in improving blood circulation
  • Has the capacity of eliminating stress and joint disorder
  • After use, it sparks creativity
  • Very good in improving libido and also improves mobility
  • Naturally boosts immunity.
  • Improved blood circulation thus leads to improved cardiovascular health
  • Helps in treating lower back pain


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