10 Secrets of Sound Health That Elders Need To Know

People who are from the age of 60 and above are generally regarded as elders, and because of the process of aging, there are certain things they should do and also things they are advised against. The purpose is to have sound health in a sound body.

First tip:

You must perform cupping every year, even if you feel healthy and are free of any illnesses. What is cupping? A traditional medical practice known as cupping is used by some to ease discomfort. A provider could put cups on your back, stomach, arms, legs, or other parts of your body. The skin is pulled upward by a vacuum or suction force inside the cup.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses cupping. Cupping therapy has been used by people for thousands of years. But if the service of cupping is not available to you, depending on your geographical location, you can employ body massage from time to time. Check out KEDI VIP CHAIR MASSAGER which has better health benefits.

Second tip:

Please don’t wait until you feel thirsty, or there is an urgent need before you drink water; drink water always. Drinking enough water daily helps prevent dehydration, and also help flush out toxins from your body. Some of the health challenges facing the elderly come from dehydration. Consuming the average of 2 liters of water minimum per day (24 hours) is advisable.


Third Tip:

There are sports that elders can participate in. I know some elders who can still swim and do a slight jog. But walking is also a form of sport. The idea of engaging in a form of sport you can do is just to engage your body to be active. Activity of your body helps against aging and boasting your immune system against illness.

Fourth tip: Decrease the quantity of your food consumption, and avoid unnecessary food cravings because they do not yield good dividends. Let your diet be balanced with protein, carbohydrates, and minerals in the right proportions.

Fifth tip:

Avoid using the car unless it is absolutely necessary. In case you need to see someone along the road or just buy something from the grocery store, it will be better for elders to use the opportunity to do some form of exercise by walking down. It is also possible for our elders to sometimes climb the stairs rather than using the elevator or escalator every time.

Sixth tip:

  • Let go of anger and learn to forgive.
  • Let go of worry and try to overlook things because it helps overcome high blood pressure.
  • Avoid being lonely. No matter the age, create an atmosphere where you can socialize with people. Talking and sharing ideas with people go a long way toward maintaining good health. Avoid depression, which might crop up as a result of oneness.

Seventh tip:

It is advised to sit in the shade while leaving your money in the sun. Because money was created to be lived with, not lived for, do not set limitations on yourself or others around you because of money.

Eighth tip:

Don't feel sorry for anyone or anything, including things you couldn't attain or things you couldn't own. Ignore it, let it go, and give thanks to God.

Ninth tip:

As an elder, let people view you with respect. Let the younger ones learn more virtues and qualities from you. No matter how rich or influential you are as an elder, people will run from you if you’re too harsh or proud. It is humility that will bring people closer to you through love.

Tenth tip:

If your hair turns gray, this does not mean it is the end of life. It demonstrates that a better life has started. Be optimistic, enjoy every bit of your life, live with thanksgiving in your mouth, travel if possible, and make memories.

The last and most important advice is, “May God bless you with obedience, health, and wellness.”

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