8 Networking Mistakes You Should Avoid As You Partner With Kedi HealthCare

Kedi healthcare is a networking marketing company whose products are majority herbal, a few supplements, and massagers. This network marketing company KEDI Healthcare Industry works with AOBO Pharmaceuticals Group China and Fidson Healthcare Plc., and their products are marketed under a Multi-Level Marketing strategy, and are certified by NAFDAC. Their products are marketed under a Multi-Level Marketing strategy and are certified by NAFDAC.

KEDI’s Research and Development center is in China with factories in many African countries, and their healthcare products are divided into two categories namely the Life Essentials Products and Special Solutions Products.

All the Kedi Healthcare products are based on (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine which is 100% Herbal extract, and they are made to CURE and PREVENT any form of the disease at any level. These products are produced in form of capsules and tablets with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

How To Avoid Mistakes Selecting a MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) Company:

  • Does the company have good quality products that have been tested and trusted?
  • Does the company have a credible marketing plan that is friendly and acceptable to its marketers?
  • When did the company start operating? Is the business dependable and stable?
  • How sound is their training programs?
  • How secure is your future? Do they have an insurance scheme or policy put in place?
  • It is advisable to go through the above conditions before pining yourself down to any networking company. But if you’re not certified with your present company or you feel that they don’t meet the above requirements, why not join Kedi? Kedi healthcare company has answers to the above questions. Why not come and enjoys a life-changing experience?

Kedi Network Business

Don’t Ever Make these 8 Mistakes as You Partner With Kedi:

1.  Being self-consumed:

The business of networking is like any other normal conversation and should be a two-way dialogue. Some marketers are so consumed with self-promotion, product promotion, and elevator speeches; they neglect the other person entirely.

Try to demonstrate a genuine interest in the people with whom you are connecting by asking questions about them, it’s then you can avoid this networking mistake. Try not to dominate the conversation by allowing the other person to hold the spotlight for a while.

2.  Asking for too much too soon:

It is so unfortunate that some people immediately join a networking company and start asking for a different kind of favor, especially from their up-line. This might be because people who fall into these categories don’t start networking businesses until they need something, like a new job.

They fail to understand that this is a surefire way to turn people off. Network marketers should understand that favors like this require that people know you (especially your up-line), like and trust you, and all this takes time! You can’t just meet someone and then immediately expect them to be the Savior you’ve been waiting for.

To avoid this networking mistake, adopt a “give first” mentality, and be ready to be of support in any form to any networking groups you belonged to.

3.  Sticking to people you already know: No business comes easy at first, the same is networking businesses.

In networking, so many people tend to stick close and start with those they already know. This might be what the company tells them to do, which is a big mistake! The whole point of multi-level marketing is to expand your network and meet new people. To avoid this networking mistake, try and be more social. Mix and mingle with people, and don’t be shy in striking up new conversations with strangers.

4.  Failing to follow up:

Salespeople have a saying that is integrated into them, which says “The fortune is in the follow-up.” What they’re trying to say is that sales don’t typically happen in the first meeting, but rather, it happens after you’ve built on the initial connection by following up.

The same attitude or mindset should be absorbed by any person doing networking business. The endpoint is all about building a long-lasting relationship, so meeting a person once doesn’t make them a valuable contact. Therefore, try to avoid this networking mistake other people do by following up with your new contacts.

5.  Don’t be a jerk:

Naturally, people want to do business with genuinely nice people, and not a jerk. But if you act or behave like one, you’ll run the risk of long-term reputational damage.

The attitude of showing off or a know-it-all attitude doesn’t make you cool, edgy, or a source of admiration to your potential clients or down-lines; it reflects the polar opposite in you as a jerk. Good manners don’t cost anything; let it be your ways of life, both in the business world and at home.

6.  Entering a networking Opportunity without the desired outcome:

Any opportunity to discuss network marketing business should be maximized, and don’t enter into any discussion without having your goal already set up. This enables you to be focused and guided while discussing with your prospect and, you’ll end up being strategic in your discussion and also leaving a good impression.

7.  Missing the balance between giving and receiving:

Most people don’t know that effective networking is the product of a smooth transfer of skills, knowledge, and relationships. Too often, many people who are too anxious to succeed in the networking business play all their bargaining chips too early with the hope that their goodwill will be immediately reciprocated. No, it isn’t always the case. Don’t be in a hurry to give out all that you have, and always be mindful and tactical of what you’re offering and receiving in each networking opportunity. Always try your best to strike an equal balance between what you ask for and what you give back in return.

8.  Trying to be someone else:

Try to be yourself in anything you do, either at home or in the business world. Let people know who you are, and don’t fake relationships because of the networking business. Be genuine in your relationship with people as you journey with your networking business.

Don’t let your people spot you as being phony or putting on a mascaraed character in other to sound smarter or appear to be something you’re not. This can damage your present and future reputation as a marketer. Don’t think you’re the only one who is smart; some people can easily spot when someone is not being genuine, so being yourself goes a long way to building a good rapport in any networking opportunity.

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