Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea Made To Be Above All Tea

Kedi Colon Cleanser herbal tea is one of the best herbal teas in the market that takes care of the followings:

  1. It cleanses the body and the gastrointestinal tract
  2. It detoxifies the body.
  3. It eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis.
  4. It boosts appetite.
  5. It improves digestion.

How Kedi Colon Cleanser (herbal) tea achieves its product benefits is because of the combination of the active ingredients it contains. Here are the individual health benefits of the active ingredients of Kedi Colon Cleanser tea:

1.  Amorphophallus konjac (konjac)

Traditional medicine practitioner in China, Japan, and South East Asia has long been using Konjac both as a source of food and also as a source of traditional medicinal cure. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a gel prepared from the flour of Konjac has been used for detoxification, tumor suppression, blood stasis alleviation, and phlegm liquefaction.

Konjac has been consumed by the indigenous people of China for the treatment of asthma, cough, hernia, and breast pain. It is also used for hematological and skin disorders for so many years, dating far back as 2000 years.

It is a perennial plant with an underground stem in the form of a corm and an umbrella-shaped leaf blade.

2.  Mulberry Trees Fruits/Leaves:

The Mulberry tree is blessed with the produce of flavorful berries that are enjoyed around the world and often termed super-foods because of the concentration of vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds it contains.

Colon Cleanser Tea

However, the fruit of a Mulberry tree isn’t the only part of it that offers health benefits. The leaves have also been used in traditional medicine as a natural treatment for a variety of conditions for centuries. Mulberry leaves are highly nutritious and potent. And they contain compounds like polyphenol antioxidants, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Can you now see the reasons why Kedi Healthcare Company has to add Mulberry leaves as one of the active ingredients of Colon Cleanser Tea?

3. Green tea:

Green tea is more than just a hydrating beverage; it is a beverage with a difference. Green tea contains a wide range of healthy compounds that make it unique as a drinking tea. It is highly rich in polyphenols, and these are natural compounds that contain health benefits that help in reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer.

Green tea also contains the chemical compound Catechin, which is also called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). These Catechins are natural antioxidants that can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body thereby protecting cells and molecules from damage.

When it comes to brain function, Green tea does more than just keep you alert; it also helps boost brain function. The active ingredient in Green Tea that helps keep you alert is caffeine, which acts as a stimulant, but the concentration of caffeine in Green tea is less than that of coffee and is still good enough to produce an alert effect. Green Tea also contains an amino acid (L-theanine), and this amino acid can work synergistically with caffeine in Green Tea to improve brain function.

Green Tea also helps in the area of fat burning, and this is the reason why Green Tea is always incorporated into any ingredients list for fat burning. Green tea is also highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.

The Catechins in green tea have oral health benefits in that can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of bad breath. Green tea can lower Low-Density Lipoproteins [LDL] (bad) cholesterol; as well can help to protect its particles from oxidation. Research studies have proved that people who drink green tea for some time stand a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

4.  Semen Myristicae:

Though Semen Myristicae (SM) functions mainly as antioxidants, which help protect the body against the signs of aging and serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease, it’s very helpful also in keeping the digestive system healthy.

5.  Semen Armeniacae:

Semen Armeniacae Amarum (SAA) is a Chinese traditional medicine that has been used over time, especially for respiratory conditions. It helps to maintain and control respiratory activities, including acute lower respiratory tract infection and asthma probably because of its expectorant and anti-asthmatic activities.

6.  Honey:

Raw honey has been used naturally as a health remedy for a variety of issues throughout history, and its use cut across cultural barriers. Though there are different types of honey, these health benefits are specific to original raw and unpasteurized honey. Some hospitals have even incorporated it into their treatment of wounds.

Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea which has all the above ingredients combined to make up a tea must be unique. And that is the reason why Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea is specially made to be above all.

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