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Artemisinin has a strong effect in killing plasmodium inside the erythrocytes to control malaria outbreak and symptoms. It is thought to affect the function of the membrane-mitochondria system.

Artemisinin works on the Ulta-structure of parasites in the erythrocytes phase, including working on the food vesicles. the parasites died rapidly due to losing most of the nutrients and cytoplasm without supplement.

The mechanism was unstable organic free radicals or other electrophilic media, which was produced by the peroxide bridge mediated by the free ferrous ions produced by haem metabolism, combined with parasite protein.

Benefits: Treatments for all forms of malaria, especially for the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum and multi-drug resistance malaria.

Ingredients: Artemisinin……………………………….50mg

                     Piperaquine Phosphate……………………150 mg

Suggested Dosage: Two capsules as a single dose at the time of initial diagnosis, and then 6, 24, and 48 hours thereafter (total course comprises 8 capsules). The oral dose may be taken with water

Specification: 200mg/capsule

Caution: Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy unless the balance between safety and risk has been evaluated by a health consultant

Package: Capsule in blister, 10 capsules.

NAFDAC REG NO. 04-2077

Keep Out of Children’s Reach

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