The Importance of Calcium You Need To Know In Kedi Calmazine Tablet

Calcium is one of the most prevalent minerals your body uses, especially in the skeletal system. It is utilized by your body to fortify your skeletal system, engage your muscles, enlarge and relax blood vessels, transmit and receive nerve impulses, release hormones in the body, and for blood clotting.

What Is Calcium: Although it also plays a critical role in blood clotting, assisting in muscular contraction, controlling regular heart rhythms, and maintaining normal neurological activities, it is a mineral that is most frequently linked and useful to enable strong bones and teeth.

The best sources of calcium include dairy products including milk, yogurt, cheese, and calcium-fortified beverages such as almond and soy milk. Calcium is also present in dark-green leafy vegetables, dry peas and beans, fish with bones, calcium-fortified cereals, and beverages.

The majority of the calcium in your body is kept in your bones, while your blood contains just 1% of this. Your blood also contains two different types of calcium:

  • Free calcium: This type is not attached. It’s free from anything from the blood.
  • Bound calcium: This type is attached to a protein called albumin.

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The Reasons Why Calcium Is Importance As Kedi Calmazine Tablet Are:

1.  Increase Calcium Intake Help Prevent Against Osteoporosis:

Children and young adults should supplement their diets with calcium since it is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Up until age 20, calcium absorption and bone growth are at their highest levels. After that, they start to decline until approximately age 30, when a draining process starts. When children and young people are growing, as well as when they are aging, an adequate calcium intake combined with an adequate vitamin D intake can greatly improve bone mass.

2.  Calcium may help you lose weight

Due to its effects on metabolism that help people lose weight, calcium has gained attention during the past several years. According to research, calcium helps to burn more fat and prevents fat from being stored, which may help to prevent weight gain.

3.  Get rid of PMS with calcium

According to Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs who is an endocrinologist, she says “If women don't swallow enough dietary calcium and vitamin D, the hormones that govern calcium react negatively with estrogen and progesterone and produce PMS symptoms," A daily dose of 1000 milligrams of calcium and 1000–2000 units of vitamin D is advised by the PMS expert.

4.  Calcium may combat cancer

Research indicates that adequate calcium intake may also prevent colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers. A healthy, antioxidant-rich diet has long been recommended as a cancer preventative.

However, some studies suggest that taking excessive amounts of calcium supplements may increase the risk of prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute encourages appropriate calcium consumption from dietary sources rather than calcium supplements as a way to prevent cancer.

5.  In moderation, calcium is heart healthy

Recent studies back an appropriate calcium intake as a way to lower the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Although the body has 99 percent of its calcium in the form of bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is essential for other biological processes like nerve function and muscle contraction. Since the heart is a muscle, the nervous system innervates it as well as the blood vessels. Both high blood pressure and heart issues can result from a calcium deficit.

Warning: It is advisable to rely on calcium-rich dietary sources for heart health because excessive calcium supplement intake (up to 2,000 milligrams daily) has been related to an elevated risk of heart disease.

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