Kedi Healthcare Business in Nigeria started in the year 2006, and since then, no negative feedback has been received from customers who have been using our products. It is a place where you have the opportunity to sell healthcare products and also invite people to join as healthcare marketers.

The reasons why people prefer to partner with KEDI rather than others are two-way-fold. First is the product’s efficacies, and second is the business plan or the compensation plan the company offers its distributors.

These are the reasons why healthcare consultants and distributors prefer KEDI:-

  • Kedi as a healthcare networking company has a friendly compensation, and it is very easy to get started without putting any monthly buying pressure on you.
  • You earn 20% personal profit on all the products you sell.
  • You receive a 5% commission on your direct purchases as a STAR 3 consultant and a 20% commission on your direct downstream purchases as a STAR 3 consultant and it increases to 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, and 45% going from the STAR 4 consultant at level 8 to manager level.
  • The benefits you accrue from direct and indirect bonuses that come from your network when you do more sponsorship and placement as you build a more formidable network is unlimited.
  • From STAR 6-8 consultant, you can win an international travel promotion.


  • You can benefit from the Kedi insurance plan at STAR 8 consultant and above.
  • And based on the sales performance of the best distributors, the company awards its children scholarships to cover their education costs in China every year at universities in China. The children will also be allowed to learn traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And once their course is completed, they can return to Nigeria to partner with Kedi in various capacities.
  • You are eligible for a brand new promotional CAR incentive At STAR 7 or STAR 8 there is an Auto Steering Car Incentive. This means that you’ll be eligible for a brand-new promotional CAR award.
  • VILLA price at STAR 2 Manager
  • STAR 5 leadership bonus and also increase to the level where you start enjoying a portion of the company's global profits.

Please don’t see KEDI as not just any networking business, see it as a place where you can fulfill your destiny and live the exciting lifestyle you choose.

Focus your strength on KEDI BUSINESS and not your weakness.

Focus on your goals in KEDI until you become a point of reference in the business. Meet you at the top.

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