What Is Water Therapy?

Hydrotherapy or water therapy is most common among alternative medicine and occupational medicine practitioners and it involves the use of water for treating various ailments. Water in its purest and natural form can also be used for medical treatment, depending on choice and knowledge. Apart from the air that we breathe, water is considered one of the basic ingredients for human survival.  

Though water is not costly, most people ignore its effect as a natural remedy for treating almost all illnesses or diseases in our bodies. It can be used as a cleansing or flushing agent of impurities and toxins in our body and this tends to keep our body safe and healthy. Water can keep your body hydrated during high temperatures. It is recommended for people to start their day with a warm glass of water and during summer when the weather is hot, you can take up to 4-5 litres of water a day.

If we want to ensure that our body system functions properly, we should learn how to drink enough water daily.  But most people don’t maximize the use of water as a form of living healthy, so they don’t take it seriously. For example, if a random check is conducted on how many glasses of water people consumed daily, you might be surprised to see that it is either three glasses, or perhaps four. And for good functionality of the body, this amount of water consumed daily is not even close to the required quantity.

Does water therapy work? Yes, it works and it can keep all the body related problems away. But water diets have to be properly and strictly followed daily for them to work. Water therapy can serve both as curative and preventive alternative medicine.

Water removes toxins from your body through urine and sweat, but don’t drink water while standing and never drink water before and after just having a meal. It is advisable to drink water at least half an hour before or after having your meal.

Water Therapy: - There are different types of water therapy treatments but the most common and easy one to follow is just drinking water. How can we drink water for optimal health?

Drinking-Water For Optimal Health:

Do you know that you can prevent (Preventive Medicine) and even cure (Curative Medicine) health problems by only drinking water? What is required of you is to strictly follow these instructions and adhere to them.

Step 1  As you step out of bed in the morning, drink four glasses of lukewarm or room temperature water (160 ml each). You’re free to squeeze a lemon to flavour into it, but the best is to drink ordinary water. Please always remember that you must drink the water on an empty stomach. Some people prefer to rinse their mouths with ordinary water before drinking.

Step 2 You’re free to brush your teeth after but don’t eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.

Step 3 After 45 minutes, you can now take your breakfast                                                  

Step 4 Try to drink water at least thirty minutes before eating anything, but not during the two hours following your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

*Try to avoid taking alcoholic beverages the previous night

 *Try your possible best to avoid eating or having any other drink one hour before and after drinking water in the morning

The bottom line of this type of water therapy is to ensure you drink an amount of water every morning upon waking up from sleep. If you can discipline yourself, this decision can have a lasting impact on your overall health. The beauty of this type of water therapy is that you can do it yourself.

Thalassotherapy Bath

Thalassotherapy is a condition where you use seawater as a form of healing therapy. Thalassotherapy bath comprises water and marine extracts which have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the body.  Researches have proved that seawater contains ingredients that are beneficial to the pores of the skin.

Experts concluded that certain natural elements found in the seawater such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodide can be easily absorbed through the skin.  This type of therapy has a glowing effect on the skin. It even makes the skin look firmer and younger.

Some people provide this type of service. You can even purchase items such as Detox Bath Salts with Seaweed Minerals either online or offline and have your thalassotherapy bath at home.

Hydro Massage Therapy: Hydro massage therapy according to its name “hydro” is water-based. But there are different types of massages, and their main focus is to fine-tune the body cells thereby providing health benefits such as pain reduction, improved circulation and relief from anxiety and stress. It can also warm-up and loosen your muscles.  In any massage therapy, please don’t forget to drink plenty of water because this helps to flush out the toxins that are released.


Beach Therapy: Apart from drinking water as a means of treatment, one of the most cherished and popular types of water therapies are the natural beach. Beach therapy is a bit similar to thalassotherapy in the sense that both involve natural seawater. But the benefits of beach therapy can be powerful because it involves swimming which is a form of exercise.

Beach water has higher amounts of minerals in it, and just playing or swimming inside the oceanic water has many benefits that can help the body cells function well, especially the skin.

Some doctors who are creative and know the importance of nature even recommend their patients to visit the beach to improve various illnesses when they’re depressed or stressed. They even at times prescribe their patients to be in the water as therapy. 

Why wait when you can take a trip to the beach and enjoy the benefits of this natural therapy.  It can serve as both preventive and curative natural healing.

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