12 Benefits Of Pregnancy Unknown To People

Pregnancy occurs as a result of sex between a man and a woman, resulting in the woman carrying an unborn baby in her womb. Pregnancy is a special experience every woman goes through and it also comes with certain health benefits!

When a woman becomes pregnant, natural changes occur in their body which they have to embrace, and these changes have beneficial factors for their body, brain, and even their sex life.

What are these benefits?

1.  Pregnancy Ensures Better Sex Life:

During pregnancy especially in the second trimester, women experience greater sensitivity during sex and are prone to having orgasms that occur as a result of increased blood flow to the pelvic area. Testosterone; progesterone and estrogen are the major hormones produced during pregnancy, and they play a significant role in spicing up your sex life.  

2.  Pregnancy Promotes Healthier Heart: Research studies have shown that one of the leading causes of heart disease in women is caused by lack of adequate estrogen in the body. During pregnancy, your baby produces both testosterone and estrogen thus increasing the level of estrogen in your body thereby decreasing the risks of heart disease.

3.  Menstrual Periodic Cramps Decreases After Delivery:

Menstrual periodic cramps have been reported by most women to decrease considerably after delivery, especially if it is a normal delivery. The reason behind this might be because the uterus stretched while delivering the baby and this stretching of the uterus causes easier and more punctual periods later on after delivery. The second reason might be the elimination of the hormone (Prostaglandin) receptors sites in the mother’s uterus that control the contraction of labor during delivery.

After childbirth and breastfeeding, your menstrual cycle will resume naturally with time. And some women have found that their menstrual pain ceases altogether after pregnancy and childbirth.

The Benefits of Pregnancy

4.  Pregnancy Reduce The Risk Of Cancer:

Breastfeeding cannot be ignored when it comes to the health benefits of pregnancy. Research studies have shown that it lowers a woman’s risk of having breast cancer. This can be connected to two reasons: - first, more pregnancies signify fewer periods, and these, in turn, limit your exposure to estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are produced by your ovaries and they can stimulate cell growth which can increase a woman’s risk of having breast cancer.

The change that takes place during pregnancy and breastfeeding enables the breast cells to be resistant and immune to transforming into cancer cells.

5.  Pregnancy Helps to Reduce The Risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS):

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, and these health issues have been noted to be on the increase in women that have fewer kids. But research studies have proved that having a baby cuts your risk of developing this autoimmune disorder in half.

6.  Pregnancy Helps Your Hair To Get Thicker:

Hair loss is common in both women and men, but normally, women lose about 50-100 hairs a day. But during pregnancy, hormones that are produced in the body as a result of pregnancy help prolong their growth cycle. The endpoint is that fewer hairs fall out from the hair root and there is an increase in the percentage of hairs that are growing.

Some women also have noticed that their hair becomes thicker and more lustrous, but during pregnancy, this does not happen to everyone.

7.  Pregnancy Helps Your Nails To Grow Stronger & Thicker:

The same thing that happens to your hair while pregnant applies to your nails. It is the same hormones produced during pregnancy that enhance the change which enables the nails to grow faster at times become a bit brittle. But these changes are not permanent.

8.  Pregnancy Helps Your Boobs To Get Bigger:

Pregnancy comes with an increase in the size of the breast which is always the first visible sign. And because of increased levels of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the body especially during the first trimester, the breast tends to become swollen and enlarged. The choice of enjoying having big boobs during pregnancy depends on the individual. Some women have noticed continuous growth of their breasts throughout their pregnancy while some don’t.

9.  Pregnancy Helps Couples To Get Closer:

Pregnancy strengthens the love between couples to become stronger. Seeing the product of having sex with your partner brings a sense of joy which lets couples get closer. Also, the anticipation of having a baby and bringing another person like them into the world can bring them even closer together.

Another aspect of why pregnancy brings couples together is the helping hands the husband gives to the mum-to-be in the area of helping with cleaning, preparing meals, or taking care of small things at home which ordinarily is the duty of the wife.

10.  Pregnancy Brings Energy Surges For Nesting:

Many women when pregnant experience the nesting urge. The urge to prepare their home for the baby by cleaning and decorating or even tidying kitchen cupboards or wardrobes becomes so strong. But the advice for women is that they should not overdo it.

11.  Pregnancy Heightened Your Sense Of Perfection:

Because of the sensitivity, most women experience during pregnancy also affects their perception of taste and smell. This increased sense of perception could be related to the presence of estrogen in the body system when a woman is pregnant.

12.  Pregnancy Ensures Self-Confidence:

Some women feel better and think they are more mature as a woman after pregnancy. Childbirth to some women has been compared to marathon running which has finally come to an end. And what ensures their confidence in the knowledge that their body is creating a whole new person and delivering him or her into the world. This joy unspeakable makes them strong to endure any pain and gives them self-confidence as a woman.

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