How To Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

Enjoying Sex During Pregnancy

Among the things most women enjoy during pregnancy are increased sex drive and strong orgasms, especially during certain stages of pregnancy. And for most women, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe if the pregnancy is progressing normally. With this at the back of their minds, most women find this period a time for sexual freedom.

The couples don’t think of getting pregnant again coupled with high sexual derive from the woman. What else than to enjoy themselves while it lasts? But for couples to enjoy sex during pregnancy there is a need for some adjustment depending on the stages of the pregnancy. This adjustment can be due to comfort and safety. Here are a few of them:-

1.  Couples Should Put Safety First.

Safety in pregnancy is very important if you want a successful pregnancy. Any case of sexually transmitted disease (STD) should be treated with urgency, and it’s better to use a condom if there is any history of such. Having sex without a condom during pregnancy can also expose you to HIV. HIV can be transmitted to the baby in the womb, and during delivery, some sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted to the baby.

Depending on the couple, oral sex during pregnancy is permissible but the couples should try to avoid blowing air into the vagina because it could cause an air embolism, and this is not good for the woman. Anal sex is not recommended during pregnancy because of the possibility of spreading bacteria from the rectum to the vagina.

2.  Couples should experiment with new sexual positions.

The woman to try and lay on her side during sex either facing toward or away from her partner because of the enlarged belly caused by weight gain during pregnancy. It is also advisable and comfortable for the woman if she can be on top because she can control the depth of penetration.

The woman shouldn’t lie flat on her back in late pregnancy because the weight of the baby and the weight of their partner may put pressure on the inferior vena cava which is the vein that brings blood back to your heart. The woman can also put herself in a kneeling position with her hands and knees while her partner comes behind her, also in a kneeling position, or she can also sit on his lap.

3.  Couples Should Try To Communicate Openly. Pregnancy should be a thing of joy. So couples should try to communicate with themselves openly to bring out the best of the moment. Ideas should flow from both parties on how to have sex during pregnancy. With proper understanding, sex can be a time of fun for both parties during pregnancy.

4.  Take It Gently & Understand Your Partner:

Pregnancy is not a time to be anxious about sex, especially for new couples, nor is it a time to pressure a woman into having sex. Individual changes occur during pregnancy, and your spouse is not an exception. Try not to feel bad about changes in her body or make her feel guilty if her libido is not as strong as before.

5.  Don’t Disturb Your Mind:

The worry that goes on in the minds of most couples about whether sexual intercourse during pregnancy will harm their baby is not called for. God has designed the anatomy of a woman in such a way that your baby is well protected in the uterus during pregnancy.

And because of the positioning of the cervix, the penis cannot touch the baby, not to talk of harming the baby. Couples are therefore advised to focus on what is more important for them to fulfill their heart desire and enjoy their sex life during pregnancy rather than disturbing their minds with negative thoughts. 

6.  Couples Should Avoid Screens In Bed:

Staying close to your partner in bed without any screen should be a thing of joy no matter the changes in her body. That enlarged belly of your partner comes once in a while and it occurs because of what you deposited into her. Couples should understand that physical intimacy grows out of an emotional connection.

7.  Cultivate a Positive Mind-Set about Sex During Pregnancy:

What you think is what you actualize. Having positive thoughts about sex during pregnancy enables you to perform the act while pregnant without any fear. Couples need to create time set aside for sex and closeness, as well as mental attention devoted to positive thoughts about sex. This act even helps the baby to grow well.

8.  Using Lubricant Should Not Be Out Of Place:

At times, pregnancy hormones can cause vaginal dryness. When this happens, couples can still go ahead and enjoy their sex life by using lubricant. The lubricant can even make it more pleasurable and erotic.



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