Kedi healthcare company is network-based, and in any network organization, there are some tips revealed that can enable distributors to succeed. Here are they:

  • Register to become a distributor for the Kedi Business for just N 5,500
  • If you buy at least one product after registering, you'll become a STAR 1 consultant.
  • You may only have three (3) persons registered under you.
  • Please be aware that for the business to expand and earn more money, all three of the persons involved must be interested in doing the business.
  • After that, make a single purchase or keep making purchases until you achieve a total of N 38,500, and you’ll become a STAR 2 consultant with 80 PV (point value).
  • As a STAR 2 consultant, you receive a 5% commission on the registration of 3 consultants on your direct down-lines.
  • As a STAR 3 consultant, you receive a 20% commission on the registration of 3 consultants on your direct down-lines.
  • Once you have 126,000 points (or 250 PV) in your account, you should cease purchasing items unless they are for personal use or consumption, which also provides extra value equal to one dollar ($1).

Kedi Business
Kedi Business

Do you know that from *Star4 - you start to earn 25%

  • Star 5: You receive a 30% bonus. You begin earning the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT BONUS
  • Star 6 you earn 35% (TRAVEL PROMO), or the equivalent in money or financial equivalent.
  • Star 7 - You Earn 40% (CAR AWARD PROMO) or the equivalent in money or finances
  • Star 8 – You earn 45% (Automatic Travel and Car Award), or their equivalent in money.
  • At level 10, you’re AUTOMATICALLY qualified for a VILLA (HOUSE) AWARD and the corporation will sponsor your children abroad for schooling.
  • You receive 5% of the monthly global sales revenue if you have HONORARY STATUS.
  • If you have a Service Centre Owner, you will earn 5%
  • Every three months, the business creates promotions to reward its consultants and distributors.
  • KEDI pays its distributors a rate of more than 60%.
  • Kedi Healthcare company started in 1948
  • KEDI operates seventeen (17) different status
  • KEDI creates herbal remedies for a variety of health issues, not just supplements.
  • KEDI has Insurance Scheme put in place to secure your future
  • The company can span through multiple generations. Your offspring (4 generations) can take over this company and go on making money from where you stopped.
  • No monthly purchase pressure to meet before you earn income monthly
  • Superb weekly training system put together by leaders in the industries.
  • It is a career-long business
  • Enjoy Financial Independence
  • Your points (PV) accumulate over time.
  • Every month, they combine your individual and team PV to determine whether you are eligible for any PROMOS or AWARDS.
  • Your PV will not drop even if your payment and status percentage do.
  • No Annual Renewal



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