1. After registration and doing one part of your work, i.e. acquiring your 250 Point Value (PV), what you need next is just 3 legs that represent your down line.
  2. Kedi Healthcare Company put no pressure on you, nor gives you a time frame to achieve results.
  3. There is no compulsory monthly purchase or target to be met.
  4. You’re personal and team point values (PV) are added every month to your account. At Kedi Company, we don’t wipe off the point’s value.
  5. You’re free to grow at your pace.
  6. Kedi Company does not drop your % of payment even if your team PV drops
  7. Kedi healthcare products have been tested over the years and trusted. And because of its efficacy, the product speaks and sells for itself.
  8. Apart from the Point Value accrued to you, Kedi Company also has an unlimited accumulation of bonus point value available. Both PV and BV depend on the products you sell.
  9. As you grow in the business, Kedi Company organizes leadership training from time to time. And apart from leadership training, other forms of training to equip you for the Kedi business come up from to time. Through this, leadership status can be easily achieved.
  10. Kedi Company organizes PROMOS, and these come always at regular intervals.
  11. One of the secrets to why healthcare marketers prefer Kedi Company over others is that apart from your monthly bonus, you can still earn on 3, 4, or more of the different accounts you registered. This is because after completing your 250 PV on your account, you don't need to do any particular compulsory PV every month before you earn from those ID numbers.
  12. When it comes to the TRAVELS award, Kedi Company organizes all-expense paid trips, a minimum of three times annually for those who qualify. But the beauty of it is that you can be given the cash equivalent if you decided not to travel.
  13. Car awards are done yearly, apart from the covid-19 era. Depending on your choice, you will be awarded a car on each of your registered accounts whenever you qualify. Kedi Company has over the years awarded more than 500 brand-new cars. It is still possible for you to have your choice car cash equivalent.
  14. When it comes to HOUSE/VILLA AWARD, over N10 million is awarded at star 2 Manager or you receive the cash equivalent.
  15. KEDI Insurance Scheme is a way of securing the future. This insurance scheme secures your future, and it’s also transferable to your generation.
  16. Kedi Company gives scholarships for your children to school abroad. It is also possible for you to transfer the opportunity of a scholarship to recommend a person of your choice either from your family or just anyone you choose.
  17. Kedi Company provides the opportunity to earn from 5% to 45% as a healthcare marketer depending on your status. You can also earn 5% of any sales made in your Service Centre apart from your monthly bonus.
  18. The higher you go in Kedi business, the more money flows into your account. An Honorary status member of the company stands to earn 5% of the company's Global Monthly Sales Revenue.
  19. Kedi Business is an opportunity to work without stress. It can be done either part-time without affecting your present work.
  20. It does not matter if you’re highly educated or not. Just have the networking spirit, and be able to talk with confidence. And the bottom line is for you to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Kedi Business does not require much to partner with. Just locate one around you, and the amount to join is just N5500.

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