Many Benefits You Need To Know By Partnering With Kedi

KEDI Healthcare is an organization with interests in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry that promotes traditional Chinese medicine all over the world. It has established itself as a world-class and leading global provider of healthcare products and equipment since its creation in 2005.

Do You Know That:-

  • Kedi is reliable and trustworthy
  • Kedi has a solid business plan
  • Kedi offers high-quality products
  • Kedi has an effective training system
  • Kedi has research and development facilities both domestically and abroad
  • Kedi products are based on natural herbal remedies
  • Kedi has a solid and accommodating compensation plan
  • Kedi employs experienced trainers; and
  • Kedi is simple to get started with no target or monthly purchase pressure.

Do You Know That Kedi Gives:- 

  • Time flexibility
  • Financial flexibility
  • Optimum health
  • Higher living standards
  • Worldwide exposure
  • Possessing a home
  • Being a business owner
  • Owning a vehicle
  • Insured future
  • Children scholarships

Do You Know That Success In Kedi Demands:-

  1. Plans
  2. Goal
  3. Dream
  4. Change
  5. Team building
  6. Learning
  7. Unlearning
  8. Relearning
  9. Perseverance
  10. Keeping a good and productive company
  11. Teachable and Teaching ability

Do You Know That Kedi Has A Success Formula:-

a) Go to the seminar

b) Go to the seminar

c) Go to the seminar

d) Use your up-line (the ABC rule)

e) Use the products

f) Share your experience

h) Recruit new members

I) Treat people right

j) Be nice

k) Be honest

l) Be Godly

m) Be positive

n) Be liked

o) Support your success lines.

p) Encourage your underlings

q) Encourage your team.

Do You Know That Kedi Products Are Divided Into 4 Major Categories Namely?

  1. Life Essential products
  2. Special solution
  3. Food supplements
  4. Health Equipment

Life essentials products are:  

  • Golden Six
  • Vigor essential
  • Cordy active
  • Reishi
  • Cordy royal jelly
  • V-CA
  • Layers sanitary pad
  • Gum-cure toothpaste
  • Haemocare

Special Solution Products Are:-

  • Magilim
  • Re-vive
  • Golden hypha
  • Constilease
  • Gastrifort
  • Qingao
  • Gynapharm
  • Eves comfort
  • Diawell
  • Cardibetter
  • Jointeez
  • Colon cleanser tea
  • Refresh tea
  • Eye beta
  • Lirich

Supplements are:-

  • Ultra mega.
  • Lycovite
  • CelloQ10
  • Calmazine
  • M&V Women Tablet
  • Grapemin-E Tablet
  • Memory 24/7 Capsule
  • Vitaprego capsule
  • Vitagent Tablet

Types of equipment are:-

  • Blood circulatory.
  • Machine, chair, and seat mat.
  • Dolphins shape hand passenger.
  • Slimming belt.

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