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Haemocare: Natural Blood Tonic & Blood Purifier With Adequate Iron Supply:

Haemocare Capsules nourishes and purifies the blood, liver and kidney. It improves the production and absorption of iron and boosts memory. It improves the formation of haemoglobin and Red Blood Cells. It is effective for the treatment of Anaemia. Anaemia is a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body’s tissues. Having anaemia can make you feel tired and weak. It helps to restore the immune system. Kedi Haemocare Capsules help to restore lost vitality with a combination of added ingredient to promote good health, slow ageing, tackle debilitating illnesses and boost work and athletic performance.

Other Benefits:

  • Improves the formation of Hemoglobin and Red cells
  • It is effective for the medication of anaemia caused by various diseases
  • Restores immune system
  • Nourishes the Blood, Liver and the Kidney
  • It improves the production and absorption of Iron

Useful for:

  • Hard-working people
  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • Sickle-cell anaemia patient

NAFDAC- Reg No: A7-0465L

Keep Out of Children’s Reach

*Note: The shipping cost is not included since it depends on your location.

Free consultation is available:- Whats App Chat No:- +2348166408051  Tel. No:-  +2347033251212


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