Reasons Why Kedi 7-Layer Sanitary Pad Is Popular Among Women

The 7-layer sanitary pad from Kedi is an excellent product that speaks for itself.

Divas people from various regions of the nation have tested and seen the distinction between the 7-Layer Sanitary Pad and others. They send their feedback with great delight. Don't be left out; join the other women who have chosen to take advantage of the total protection provided by a 7-layer sanitary pad.

One of the Secrets Why the Kedi 7- Layer Sanitary Pad is popular among women is because of the effectiveness of what the 7-layers are made of.

7-Layer Sanitary Pad

Layer 1 Contains soft cotton fast absorption surface

Layer 2 Contains active oxygen and negative ions with anti-bacteria function

Layer 3 Contains air-laid paper wrapped.

Layer 4 Contains super absorbent polymer

Layer 5 Contains a breathable layer

Layer 6 Contains an adhesive layer

Layer 7 Contains a dust-proof layer

In addition to fulfilling the hygiene needs of women, the Kedi 7-Layer Sanitary Pad offers improved negative ions, which have additional advantages.

It boosts the spread of negative ions, increasing their antibacterial effectiveness. The improved embedded negative ions-chip and infrared ray function within the sanitary pad and reduce anaerobic bacteria reproduction, and micro-circulation promotes the formation of bio-enzyme, controls acidic vaginal secretions, and enhances women's capacity for disease prevention and self-defense.

It has soothing mint and lavender. Its bottom layer is permeable and quickly evaporates moisture. It includes an ultra-thin layer structure, a very soft cotton surface, and an infrared healthy high-tech chip to help you feel more comfortable. It absorbs liquid five times more quickly and keeps you dry and comfortable all day.

Be free from unnecessary discomfort while on your monthly flow, Use kedi 7-Layer Sanitary Pad.

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