No matter the product you’re marketing as a net-worker, these following seven easy steps will enable you to go very far in your networking business. Here are they:

STEP 1: Clearly define your goals.

STEP 2: Put it in writing.

STEP 3: Give yourself a deadline.

STEP 4: Make a list of all the things you can think of to do to achieve your goal.

STEP 5: Prioritize and sort your list.

STEP 6: Implement your plan right now.

STEP 7: Take daily action that will advance you toward your primary goal.

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A person who has a clear purpose will advance even on the most difficult of paths, whereas a person without a purpose will not advance on the easiest of paths. Progress means moving forward and toward your desired destination. Going forward will not bring you any closer if you have made the wrong moves. The most progressive man is the one who turns around the fastest when they are on the wrong track. Progress is turning around and returning to the right track.

Being Focused Always Leads To Progress: Lack of focus results in ineffective progress.

Progress is the result of hard work, commitment, and reliability. When you start taking your dreams seriously, everything begins to change.

Is your kedi business making progress? Don't deceive yourself by confusing movement with progress. They are a different thing entirely.

Recruiting Tips You Need to Achieve Your Goal As A networker:  You must first realize that this is YOUR business. Not the business of your up-line. In a networking business, everyone has an up-line. Your up-line is developing their business as well. He or she is there to support and direct you. Without advertising, no one will be aware of your business, which will prevent it from growing.

Post something about your company every day and never give up. A closed store doesn't generate revenue. It's not the end of the world if you get a NO from a prospect. Instead of letting it demoralize you or make you feel bad, let it motivate you since you are getting closer to saying "yes."

Make a lot of noise about your business; it pays. Network marketers typically make a lot of money when they promote their businesses. Represent your company well. Attend presentations and seminars and invite potential clients. Be committed and open to learning. You are the one who leads your down-lines, and it keeps going that way. You can never rely on someone who gives up easily. Always keep in mind that networking is the key to this game's success. There is great joy in building wealth & building people, so let's build together.

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