The Naked Truth Whether Wrinkles Can Be Cured

Can Wrinkles Be Cured? Yes.

Depending on what you want to achieve and your area of choice, wrinkles can be cured.  There are many treatments and methods available to help cure wrinkles or fine lines on the skin. Some people might require more aggressive techniques than others in cases of deep creases such as plastic surgery or injections or fillers. Some might prefer the use of herbal treatments to eliminate any forms of wrinkles. The choice is yours, but the beauty of it is, it can be cured.

As a human being, wrinkles are a normal part of the aging process which is a result of aging skin and volume loss, and this is completely natural. Fine lines appear first as wrinkles and this could have been easily cured if adequate attention is attached to it at the onset. And when the skin begins to lose its elasticity, the creases deepen.

It’s normal to feel bad about the way you look especially if it is making you feel older than your age. It is easier to prevent the appearance of wrinkles especially on your face than treat it. This is the reason why some people don’t mind the amount of money they spend on preventing or treating wrinkles.

The easiest way of delaying or preventing the appearance of wrinkles making changes to our lifestyle such as drinking enough water to eliminate dehydration, moisturizing your skin, wearing sun protection, eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking, and drinking less alcohol.

A Woman With Wrinkled Face Undergoing Treatment

Why Wrinkles Occur

Wrinkles occur because it reflects a natural part of the aging process and they manifest more on the area of the skin that is exposed to the sun. The face, neck, hands, and forearms are the area of the skin that is most affected. Wrinkles tend to appear in the area of the skin either as creases, folds, or ridges where the skin naturally folds during facial expressions. This affected spot on the skin loses its elasticity with time and becomes thinner resulting in folds.

Different Ways Of Curing Wrinkles         

Wrinkles can be cured and also prevented from appearing on your face. Preventing wrinkles is quite different from curing wrinkles. Here we will be discussing briefly a few methods used in curing wrinkles. Depending on your choice of treatment, the ultimate goal is to eliminate wrinkles from your skin. The methods are as follows:-

Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is a minor surgical procedure that works by removing the upper layers of skin with a rapidly rotating device. It works by removing fine wrinkles, moles, tattoos, acne scars from the skin. Although this procedure may cause slight changes on the skin like scabbing, swelling, and skin color, these symptoms generally fade away after 2 weeks. But to some people, these signs may remain for several months before they fade away entirely.

Chemical peels:  This method involves applying a chemical solution to the desired areas. When the chemical is applied to the area of choice, it causes the dead skin to shed and eventually peel off. And the newly regenerated skin with adequate nutrients and elasticity tends to be smoother than the old skin. Since there are various types of chemical peels in the market, it is advisable to consult with your health practitioner to know which of the chemical is compatible with your skin.

Facelift: Cosmetic surgery that is targeted at making people look more youthful and beautiful is called a facelift, or a rhytidectomy. It works by removing, repairing, or replacing some facial skin and fat, with or without tightening the underlying tissues. The healing process might take a long time, and the person involved might experience some bruising and swelling effect for a few weeks after surgery.

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Fillers: Specific soft tissue fillers for treating wrinkles are either collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat. This is a method where a cosmetic professional injects fillers into deeper facial wrinkles. What the health professional does is plump and smoothen them out to give the skin more volume. Swelling and bruising in the affected areas for a short period can be experienced by some people

The downside of this method for curing wrinkles is that the treatment is temporary and people might require regular injections. Another factor that can affect this method is the location of the wrinkles and the depth.

Retinoid: Retinoid is a vitamin A-based drug that increases the production of a specific protein that gives the skin its structure called collagen. And this collagen has the functionality of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With an increase in age, our body supply of collagen decreases.

The administration of retinoid is good, but it takes a long time before the effect can be felt. If you want to see improvement in your wrinkles while using a retinoid, you have to be patient for at least three to six months of regular usage. Apart from using Retinoid to cure wrinkles, it also has a beneficial effect on hyperpigmentation and skin roughness. This is also achieved by increasing collagen production in the skin.

Injectables: Neuromodulators injectable such as Dysport (Galderma), Xeomin, (Merz Aesthetics), Cosmetic (Allergan), and Jeuveau (Evolus), Botox, can also help cure your wrinkles.  The mode of action of this injectable is by blocking the release of a chemical called acetylcholine. And acetylcholine triggers the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles, thus affecting the elasticity of the muscle paralyzing it so that they stop contracting. Neuromodulators injectable blocks this action.

Energy-based devices: Some people are not aware of the use of energy-based devices that can be used to reverse wrinkles. There are different types of different devices with various technologies. These include Intense Pulsed Light, ablative and non-ablative laser technology, (IPL), High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), radiofrequency devices, and Sofwave. All these energy-based devices are aimed at reversing wrinkles.

Kedi Herbal Drug: The combination of Cordy Royal Jelly, Constilease, V-Ca, and Diawell will remove any form of wrinkles permanently. Some of the ingredients in the combination therapy serve as a protection for the skin and against anything that will affect its elasticity. Therefore the above combination therapy can be used for both preventive and curative means of curing wrinkles.

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