What are Male Infertility Symptoms?

Male infertility symptom manifests mainly when a married woman did not get pregnant after some time. It is possible not to have noticed any previous symptoms before this. It can also depend on what is causing male infertility because other health conditions can make it hard to get a woman pregnant. Sometimes male infertility symptoms in men can be vague. They might not be noticed until a man tries to have a baby.

Since various conditions can cause infertility in men, the signs and symptoms of each can vary greatly.

What are the Symptoms of Male Infertility?

Male infertility is unique to men, and its underlying likely cause is different from that of a woman. Prompt attention to see your doctor should be taken seriously because ignoring the signs and symptoms might lead to what you will not be happy with in the future. Especially fathering a child.   

Male infertility is an issue that affects a reasonable percentage of men in our society today. According to experts from Cornell Medical Center, “average of 15 to 20% of couples who wants to achieve pregnancy was unable to do so.” out of this, 50% per cent of those cases were male. Male infertility can be so frustrating especially if the couple needs to have children. Common symptoms of male infertility are:

1.   Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This symptom is common in men who have infertility issues. Some have a weak erection, while in some, an erection does not last long before going down again. Also, some chronic male infertility cases do not have erections at all. Some even use drugs to have an erection, but this temporary solution is not the answer to the problem. Infertility could be caused due to various neurological and psychological reasons. It can also be linked to his hormone levels imbalance.

2. Varicocele of the Testicles

This condition in the testis occurs when the blood veins of one’s testicles swell and block the flow of sperm. It is not a common defect in men, but more than 10-15% of men are affected. With this condition, the normal functionality of the testis is disturbed, thereby affecting sperm production and its viability. How can you impregnate your partner with this condition?

3. Kallman’s Syndrome

This is a genetic disorder that is characterized by the delay or absence of puberty. It occurs during fetal development in the womb when the Gonadotropins-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons are being inhibited during the path of fetal development from the olfactory area to the hypothalamus. These result in hypogonadism or malfunction of testicles.

Male Infertility Symptom. Sperm Cells unable to fertilize the female egg

4. Changes in Sexual Desire

A man’s fertility is linked with the balance level of the fertility hormone. Too high or too low affects the fertility of men. The sex libido of men is controlled by a hormone called testosterone. In case of any cause of hormonal issues, there is a dip in the testosterone level, then their sexual desire or drive decreases. And this affects their fertility.

5. Abnormal Breast Growth

Some men have their breasts relatively enlarged. This issue can be a sign of male infertility. Your testosterone hormones may be out of balance which needs to be checked out in the laboratory. Estrogen hormone could still be affecting your body. This can affect your virility. Some experts relate these symptoms of infertility to obsessed men who also lacked a balanced diet.  

6. Decreased Facial or Body Hair

In some conditions, a decreased facial or body hair growth might be a sign of low testosterone level. And low testosterone invariable leads to infertility. If this kind of change is noticed in your body, please don’t discard it as if it is nothing. Pay a visit to your doctor. If this can be corrected in time, you stand of being free from chains of infertility problems you’ll encounter in the future. 

7. Testicular Pain 

My advice to all males is not to joke with testicular pain. Because you do not know what is before you regarding this pain, this is the reason why you should see your doctor. It can be a sign of male infertility, and in some rare cases, prostate cancer. The causes of this testicular pain might include testicular tension (twisted testicles), Epididymitis (testicle infection), Hydrocele (building up of fluid around testicles), and a hernia.

8. Small Firm Testicles

Small testis or firmed one, if noticed, should be a thing of concern. Your testicles are involved in sperm production. Not healthy testis, either small or firm, affects the normal production of the sperm cells. Sperm count must be within the normal range. Its viability and motility must be above average before you can impregnate a woman.

9. Low sperm count

Low sperm count results when the sperm cells are below the lower limit of the normal range. Semen Analysis can be performed in the Laboratory if the couple involved has been trying to have a baby for more than a year, and no problem has been found with the female partner. Laboratory tests are needed to confirm if a man is infertile or not. Low sperm count is one of the confirmatory tests for male infertility. If other underlying factors are known, then treatment is easy.

10. Issues with ejaculation

Ejaculation is the end product of men having sex. Ejaculation disorder is a common symptom of male infertility. Some men experience rare ejaculation, while others early ejaculation. Some men have a very low volume of semen during ejaculation. All of these issues come under ejaculation disorder.

Sex is an act that prepares a woman for conception. With ejaculation disorder, deep penetration might be difficult which can affect the sperm cell’s ability to swim and meet the female egg for fertilization.

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