Do You Know The Reasons Why Kedi 7-layer Oxygen & Negative Ions Sanitary Pad Is Good For Women?

The reasons why Kedi 7-Layer Oxygen and negative ions Sanitary Pad is good for women are listed below:

  1. The very first sanitary pad in Nigeria with seven layers of protection is the Kedi 7-Layer Sanitary Pad, and it is completely healthy and safe to use, both for the body and for the environment. An innovative anion technique is used in the manufacturing of the pads, and it helps to stop bacterial development and prevent irritation, rashes, and infections. The pads have not been bleached, thus they are completely free of dioxin and the associated cancer risks.
  2. The body's heat is converted to infra-red rays by Kedi 7-Layer Sanitary Pad thus acting as an antimicrobial agent. The pads are Eco-friendly because they are composed of pure cotton rather than synthetic components, and they also have great absorption capacities.

  1. It may be quickly absorbed by the skin, which helps to effectively improve circulation, activate skin cells, and quicken metabolism. A sanitary 7-Layer sanitary pad with powerful anti-bacterial properties helps to avoid gynecologic disorders like dysmenorrhea, cervical cancer, and UTIs. You will be comfortable and clean while having periods by using the Kedi 7-Layer Sanitary pad, and you’ll get rid of skin irritation, rashes, itching, infections, poor odor, and stains.
  2. The 7-layer Kedi sanitary pad's air permeability can be effectively improved by the active oxygen, which can also speed up air circulation between the private part and the outside, increase oxygen circulation frequency, reduce harmful bacteria, and maintain a woman's ability to self-clean her private part. Negative ion padding naturally relieves many menstruation discomforts since it emits a large amount of helpful negative ions.
  3. It improves immunity, boosts energy, calms nerves, minimizes irritability, eliminates unpleasant odors, controls and lightens heavy periods, and eradicates microorganisms that cause diseases. It enhances protection throughout the night with an ultra-thin design, super water absorption, and retention property that can make you comfortable and clean.
  4. The importance of negative ions is as necessary as water and air. It is an oxygen atom with extra negatively charged electrons. They are invisible molecules, and are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, seas, green mountains, and forests, after a storm.

In the natural world, they are produced when air molecules split apart as a result of sunshine, radiation, moving air, and water. Science has established the extent to which negative ions enhance general health and well-being, by maintaining a healthy pH balance, minimizing swelling, and revitalizing all systems in your body.

Kedi 7-layer sanitary pad is unique, and many people who have used it have not given any negative reviews about it. But if you’ve not used it, try to use it and also share it with your groups of friends.

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