How Efficient Is Japanese Water Therapy For Weight Loss?

Water is an essential component of human being survival. And if carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins are an essential part of our lives, so is water. Water makes up about 60% of our body system. Most people don’t know that Japanese water therapy can be used for weight loss.

Japanese Water Therapy For Weight Loss.

Japanese therapy for weight loss emphasizes the use of water in our daily life to regulate and maintain our health. Japanese water therapy works by cleansing the stomach and improving the digestive system. This therapy helps in weight loss and it is also helpful in treating other illnesses because some illness begins with an unhealthy gut.

Drinking cold water according to the Japanese causes fats and oils in your food to harden in your digestive tract, so they believe it is harmful to overall health. They believed that this in turn disturbs digestion and causes several diseases. For these reasons, they prefer to use room-temperature water for the practice.

Drinking water always has a filling effect on the stomach and it can prevent overeating and even curb the craving between meals if it is drunk before mealtime. Finally, it can help to prevent weight gain caused by consuming extra calories.

Japanese Water Therapy

How To follow Japanese Water Therapy:

  • One needs to drink 4-5 glasses of warm water during the early morning hours on an empty stomach. It is best to drink water before brushing your teeth. Let your quantity be progressive. From two glasses you can gradually increase the number.
  • Try to wait for at least 45 minutes before taking your breakfast.
  • Try to eat only for 15 minutes at each meal i.e. let there be a time limit at each meal.
  • In-between meals, try to keep at least a gap of two hours.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you want to employ Japanese water therapy in losing weight, you begin the day when you wake up by drinking around 4-5 glasses of room temperature water. The purpose of this action is to help you flush out all the harmful toxins in your body. But in case of any serious health issue apart from losing weight, you can try one glass of water each day and slowly increase the intake.
  2. It is advisable not to eat immediately after brushing your teeth, and don’t have anything other than water for at least 30 minutes post that.
  3. Most people have the habit of drinking water soon after meals. To lose weight through Japanese water therapy, this habit is not the best. It is advisable not to drink water for at least 2 hours after your meal.
  4. In the case of people who are battling severe ailments and also the elderly, they should gradually increase their water intake. It is possible to start with one glass in the morning.
  5. Drinking water while standing or eating while you are standing is not recommended.

Precautions Needed Doing Japanese Water Therapy:

  • Try to avoid getting overhydrated i.e. drinking excess water because it dilutes the electrolyte balance of the body.
  • Try to avoid drinking more than one liter of water per hour.
  • Try to adjust your eating time to suit your eating ability, the reason is that the 15-minute eating time in the therapy might be too over-restrictive for you. Avoid the condition where you either overeat or eat too fast.
  • Excessive calorie restriction during Japanese water therapy might initially reduce your weight, but the weight might increase after the therapy.

There is no doubt that this Japanese water therapy works well if it is process is adhered to properly. You will notice a change in your body system and how it works. Japanese water therapy helps your digestive system to work properly, thereby boosting your metabolism as well. The result is that you healthily lose weight and you also feel healthier.

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