How To Make Money In Kedi Business As A Network Marketer


  • One of the ingredients of success in anything you do is commitment. Half effort produces little or no result; you have to be 100% committed. Going out to do your business of the day is not as important as going out doing the right thing, at the right time. Your business is not my business, and the angle you see your business is how you face it. Create a positive mindset for your business because nobody can do business for you.
  • If you're waiting for somebody to motivate you to do your business right, you'll wait till Jesus comes. Motivate yourself, and do the right things at the right time. Motivation enables you to be disciplined in your business, which indirectly affects the growth of your business positively.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly evaluations of your business are very important if you want your business to move to the next level. Evaluate yourself, and ask yourself questions on how you spent today, the week, or the month, and if the answer is not satisfactory you have to re-check yourself and improve on the area that is lacking.
  • Ability to be focused and avoid distraction is one thing you must practice if you want to succeed as a network marketer in kedi. It takes discipline to be focused, and if you're not focused, you'll just be like an ordinary kedi marketer who goes around complaining there's no business.
  • Knowledge is power. Try and know everything about your kedi business. Don't joke with training. Invest in your knowledge by attending training unconditionally, and don’t miss it. It is what you know by attending the training you impact on your down-lines later, so the time spent attending training is not wasted.
  • Goal Setting is like a natural force that drives, propels, and directs you toward your desired end. So it is important to write down your goals and work towards achieving them. Let's remind ourselves of this saying "What the mind can conceive it can achieve"


  • Self-decision. If you want to succeed in life, it’s you that will make it happen, and similarly, failure is also indirectly determined by you. Self-decision is important in kedi business, so that any time you make mistake due to your earlier decision, you can correct yourself and move forward.
  • Self-discipline: Self-discipline helps you to be organized and composed in your business. It also brings to your focus creativity on who to move your kedi business forward, and financial discipline is always maintained.
  • Nothing like being truthful in life and business. It stabilizes your business and gives you integrity among equals. Let people know you for your truth.
  • Be Merciful: Try to be merciful in your ways of doing kedi business, and also in your personal life. The 3 ways we can easily show mercy are loving, caring, and sharing.
  • Be Coachable and Teachable: If you are not ready to learn and teach others what you know, don't waste your time in joining Kedi’s business. In this business, we learn to teach.


  • Burning Desire: The passion for success brings forth a burning desire, and this is the currency used in succeeding. Impossibility is out of the question if you have the burning desire to succeed and change
  • Persistent: Either you're making huge sales or not, or you're having many down-lines to your network or not, the key is to persist in doing what you're doing. This persistence is the key to achieving long-term goals.
  • Perseverance: We are in a world where everybody is in a hurry to succeed. Kedi network business is not a "cash & carry" type of business. It takes time to grow your business, and once it has grown to a level, you'll start to harvest all that you've sown. In kedi business, you need perseverance which means patience. My advice is not to look for instant gratification because it kills dreams and achievements. Patients are the fertilizer for achieving a life-term goal.
  • Massive Action: Try to be sharp upstairs, learned in your industry, and be current before you can succeed as a kedi marketer. Wealthy people in the kedi business are not dull but very intelligent and learned in their industry. One of their secrets is that they don't allow anything to stop them from achieving their goal in life.


Over the next few years, your MLM recruiting activities will connect you with thousands of people. People frequently ask how they might persuade someone with a negative mindset toward network marketing business to change their perspective and join the company. Please don’t bother yourself about that. Move On, because there are other fishes to catch.

Graciously look for the person you can work with and teach new business skills to. You can’t work with someone who sees negativity in everything. Focus your energy on discovering positive people who are fun to work with.


Leadership is enabling others to reach their full potential. A true leader cultivates consensus rather than seeking it out. Leadership is the practice of demonstrating to common people how to carry out the personal tasks of superior persons.

Four Strategies To build People:-

  • Live: Living and existing are two different things. Try and live a life that will intentionally impact and build people, success in MLM is intentional not by default.
  • Learn:- How can you aspire to be a leader without acquiring knowledge that will set you apart from your down-lines? Leadership and learning are indispensable. You can’t build, or lead people with obsolete ideas. Acquiring knowledge is a great investment in leadership
  • Lead:- A good leader should be able to know the way, show the way, and follow the way.
  • Love:- Love is an essential tool in building and developing people because when offenses from team members come which is indispensable, it is this passion of love for them that will fuel you to carry on.

6.  Legacy:-

The greatest legacy in life is not the wordy things people think of like cars and houses, but people.

  • Believe in God, He is the ultimate provider. Believe that with God all things are possible because he is the ultimate provider.
  • Believe in Yourself. God can empower you to do anything. You cannot succeed if the world believes in you and you do not believe in yourself, but you will succeed if the world does not believe in you, but you believe in yourself.
  • Believe in Others. They’re also important. Believe and trust those who affirm your ability to succeed in kedi business. They are your motivators. No millionaire in modern-day business lacks a mentor.
  • Believe in Kedi Healthcare. The partner that is trusted. You cannot succeed in KEDI international business if you don't believe in it. Have faith that if others can succeed in KEDI international business, you can also succeed.  

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