Things To Avoid In Other To Make Kedi Products Work Well

Everything works in a process. Everything is controlled by principles of law. The law that governs good health forbids certain things. It opposes certain acts.

As powerful as a rocket missile is, there are also anti-squad missiles that can stop the rocket missiles from reaching their target. Here are some of the few things that can harm your health regiments as you develop and maintain your health through the years.

1.  Alcohol:

Alcohol of any type is an anti-squad missile to kedi herbal medications. Taking alcohol at the same time as kedi products nullifies the whole range of nutritional value and efficacy of the herbal regimens. They were prepared naturally without adding chemicals to them.

How alcohol does affect the efficacy of kedi products? Taking alcohol increases toxicity in the body and neutralizes the potency of the herbs, as alcohol is not part of the Master Herbalist Formulation (MHF). Alcohol will weaken and destroy your kidney and this will in turn affect the whole body’s well-being. Red wine is ok.

Kedi Products

2.  Sugar:

Most people can’t do without sugar. Excess intake of sugar destroys the tissues of the body and can also neutralize the efficacy of kedi products and most herbal remedies. Sugar is a poison to the cell. When the excess is ingested, it corrupts certain DNA and starts destroying the blood vessels, tissues, kidneys, heart, and finally the skin.

Every patient or user of kedi products gets more results if his/her sugar intake is reduced or stopped. Most people don’t know they are taking excess sugar cubes or dietary sugar from the carbohydrate they consume. How do you know? You do a fasting Blood Sugar Test (FBS). This test will reveal to you if you’re having excess sugar or not.

Why does sugar destroy kedi products? It is because sugar is poison to the body. For example, any man having excess sugar will have erectile dysfunction. When such a person takes revive, he will tell you that the product did not work. This is because of the excess sugar in the blood. Excess sugar also increases the stronghold of infection in the urinary tract and blood. When you are treating an infection, the person’s consumption of sugar or sugary product will make the infection increase thereby disannulling the effects of the kedi Reishi or Golden Hypa, etc. 

3.  Caffeine:

Consumption of caffeine and caffeinated-related products will drastically reduce the efficacy of kedi products when being tailored towards a targeted ailment. Caffeine can be found in Nescafe (both those called decaffeinated coffee), cola nuts, power horse, and energy drinks. The nervous system is of paramount importance when it comes to natural healing. The nervous system is controlled from the brain chamber to the vertebrae through the spinal cord.                               

Healthy messages are transmitted and coordinated via the nerves. Caffeine interferes with the nervous system so when you load yourself with caffeine, you’re interrupting the pathway for healthy natural recovery. For effective treatment of hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, prostate disorder, erectile dysfunction, and general toxicity, you must flee from the ganger of caffeine to the nervous system of the body. Kedi products like Golden Six. Revive etc. target certain viscera organs of the body. A heavy-loaded caffeinated body resists the maximum results of kedi supplements.

4.  Drinking Cold Water:

Water is the best mineral for the body, though not all water is good. When taking kedi products, it is best to take them with Luke-warm water for proper digestion and assimilation to the body.

Most people have a fridge and deep freezers at home and offices, which is not bad. But some people are so used to taking plenty of cold or iced water. Some even take the blocked ice cube to chew. And some are fond of taking kedi products with cold water. This affects the efficacy of the products negatively. 

Now follow this: The body operates at the temperature of 37 degrees centigrade including the digestive and most organs of the body. Therefore taking the kedi nuggets at a lower temperature negates the governing principle on which the capsules dissolve, digested, separate, and absorbed. So taking kedi products with cold water slows these processes. And you know that they are capsules and capsules containers are rubbers and sometimes for those with lower digestive enzymes, the products may calcify or wash away through the alimentary canal. That is because the stomach produces hydrochloric acid that acts on the substance you ingested if you use cold water, for example, the digestive enzymes will fail to be activated and calcification may take place.

5.  Smoking:

Tobacco smoke interacts with medications by influencing the absorption, distribution, metabolism, or elimination of other drugs, potentially causing an altered pharmacologic response. Smokers may require higher doses of medications because of this interaction, but when the cessation reduces, dose reductions might be needed.

Smoking may also cause pharmaco-dynamic interactions such as the increased risk of cardiovascular adverse effects. Many of these interactions between tobacco smoke and medications have been identified and shown that in most cases it is the tobacco smoke that causes these drug interactions and not the nicotine. The process through which tobacco smoke interacts with medications is by pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) mechanisms.

PK interactions affect the absorption, distribution, metabolism, or elimination of other drugs, potentially causing an altered pharmacologic response, while PD interactions alter the expected response or actions of other drugs. Research studies have not shown the amount of tobacco smoking needed to affect drug interaction and the assumption is that any smoker is susceptible to the same degree of interaction.


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