1.  Eagles soar alone and at great altitudes. They don't fly alongside other small birds like ravens and sparrows, for example.

Meaning: Avoid thinking small-mindedly and letting little-minded people drag you down. Eagles fly beside Eagles. Make wise companions.

2.  Eagles can see clearly & far. They have can concentrate on objects up to five kilometers distant. The attention of the eagle is focused on the prey, and he does not change it not until he has captured it, no matter what the challenges.

Leadership In Eagle

Meaning: No matter the challenges, stay focused on your goals and you will succeed.

3.  Eagles don't consume dead animals.

They exclusively consume fresh prey.

Meaning: Keep searching for new frontiers to conquer; don't rely on your past achievements. It is good to forget the past and face the opportunities that abide in the future.

4.  Eagles love the storm.

The eagle gets delighted when clouds start to form and harnesses the storm's wind to soar higher. The raging storm is what the eagle used to raise itself above the clouds once it locates the wind of the storm. As a result, the eagle can now glide and rest its wings. During this time, other birds all hid in the tree's branches and foliage.

Meaning: Face your obstacles head-on knowing that they will help you grow and become greater versions of yourself. People should know that life's storms can help us achieve greater heights. Most successful people welcome challenges and they make profitable use of them rather than being afraid of them or complaining.

5.  Eagles prepare for training. The nest's feathers and soft grass are taken out to make it uncomfortable for the young, who eventually fly when it becomes intolerable to stay inside the nest.

Meaning: There is no room for growth in your comfort zone, therefore leave it.

6.  When the Eagle Grows Old: His feathers deteriorate and can no longer lift him as quickly or as high as they should. He is at risk as a result, and he might face death. He then moves into a remote mountain location to retire. There, in a very violent and agonizing procedure, he plucks off the frail feathers from his body and smashes its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare. Then, after spending some time in this hiding area to grow new feathers, beaks, and claws, he emerges from hiding and soars higher than before.

Meaning: No matter how challenging, it's sometimes necessary to break off old habits. We should let rid of anything that makes our life more difficult or meaningless.


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